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Br. Christopher, UrbanCyberMonk

Br. Christopher, UrbanCyberMonk

Welcome to
Br. Christopher’s Journal:
Reflections of an Urban Cyber Monk

These pages are a place for my own, personal thoughts and reflections which spring from an attempt to celebrate God’s presence and grace in my life – and the lives of those around me – as I live an “urban monastic” experience and strive to find my place as a worker, as steward, in this corner of the vast, complex and beautiful garden which is God’s creation.

I’m grateful to have been able to live and work at a gorgeous, historic church (St. Michael’s Trenton) in the downtown of a formerly-glorious northeastern city.

Our parish and neighborhoods are filled with good people of deep faith seeking ways to better connect our communities, our faith practices – and our desire to heal old wounds – so that we may create a promising life for each other as well as for all who come here to live, work and enjoy our vast cultural, historic and spiritual treasures.

Pray with me, grieve with me and rejoice with me as we find our ways together towards a fuller experience of joy and transfiguration through attention to the people, the grace and the revelations of God as we experience them in our own lives, both as a reflection and amplification of the experience of people of faith throughout the ages and as testimony and witness for ages to come.

Thanks be to God! on the fourth Tuesday in Lent, 20 March 2007 (13:06). Modified 18 July 2008, Friday (16.15).